Pure Shooting Clinics

Ohm Sports Academy sets up clinics to meet the needs of your program. This is a traveling clinic where instructors come to your gym.The Pure Shooting Clinic will focus on shooting form, footwork, ability to shoot off the dribble, attacking the hoop, and competitive shooting drills. Clinic instructors will provide a high energy and focused atmosphere where players will get plenty of reps. 

Flexible Clinics

The program is flexible and can be tailored anywhere from 1-6 weeks, to meet the needs of your team

$15/player/hour - minimum 20 players

Shooting clinic will develop shooters from the floor to finish:

  • All shooters will develop the footwork necessary to get their shot off at any level
  • Clinic will develop a solid foundation to shooting form
  • Players will learn intense shooting workouts 

We give players tools needed to continue to practice & develop after clinic. 

This shooting clinic is based off intense repetitive movements that build the fine motor skills needed to be a great shooter.

* Coaches, please be sure to answer the questions at the bottom of the page to help get us started.

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