Summer Basketball Camps


Summer Basketball Camps

from 120.00

Pure Shooting Camp: Grades 3-6 - $140 • Grades 7-12 - $140

Post/Guard Skills Camp: Grades 6-12 - $140

Drill & Play Skills Camp: Grades 2-5 - $140 • Grades 6-9 - $140

Offensive Playmaker Camp: Grades 2-3 - $120 • Grades 4-6 - $140 • Grades 7-9 - $140

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Pure Shooting Camp (Grades 3-12, for boys & girls)

The Pure Shooting Clinic will focus on shooting form, footwork, ability to shoot coming off screens and off the dribble, attacking the hoop, and competitive shooting drills. Clinic instructors will provide a high energy and focused atmosphere where players will get plenty of reps to build mastery. Bring your own Basketball. T-shirt included.


Post/Guard Skills Camp (Grades 6-12, for boys & girls)

This intensive camp will breakdown the skill development for both guard and post play as well as the inside - out game where guards and posts work together.  Guards will have emphasis on scoring both outside and attacking the hoop, handling the ball under pressure, screening, reading screens to get open, and feeding the post. The post position will emphasize footwork and scoring inside, positioning, scoring from the perimeter, attacking the hoop, screening to get open. Bring your own Basketball. T-shirt included.

*Great opportunity for teammates to improve their overall game together.


Drill & Play Skills Camp (Grades 2-9, for boys & girls)

Don't miss the hottest local basketball camps and training this summer! This 4-Day camp will emphasize the fundamental skills to become an effective basketball player. The camp will help players build confidence in their offense with our Pure Shooting program, skill work on passing, ball-handling under pressure, and footwork. Campers will also learn how to be a lock down defender with drills teaching defensive concepts. Opportunity to work with skilled instructors.  This camp will include opportunities for players to practice and build these skills in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 situations. Bring your own basketball. T-shirt included.

Offensive Playmaker Camp (Grades 2-12, for boys & girls)

Don't miss the hottest local basketball camps and training this summer! Our program will push players to become an offensive threat that can score multiple ways. The camp is designed to teach players how to become a better scorer. They will learn to score in game situations, make strong moves attacking the hoop, and learning how to use a variety of offensive moves whether you are a post or guard. This camp can help prepare players for tryouts and give them confidence and skills needed to perform at a higher level. Opportunity to work with skilled instructors.  Bring your own basketball. T-shirt included.